Stream torrent movies directly to your computer within seconds

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How do I stream the movies?
You can either install Soda Player once and play streams very fast or you can use the integrated player without installing anything.

How do I use Soda Player?
Download Soda Player and associate Magnet Links with it!
Also make it to your "Default BitTorrent Player"!
Click the "Play with Soda Player" button next to the movie title in the search results.
Watch Tutorial Video!

Why do I need Soda Player? I have a Torrent Client already.
Unlike your standard Torrent client, Soda Player will stream movies immediately and very fast.
Also it won't download any files to your computer and there is no seeding,
thus no unnecessary bandwidth usage.
It also has a built in VPN/Proxy for free.

How do I stream the movies without installing anything?
Just click the "Play Movie" button next to the movie title in the search results.
Playing the movies inside the website starts a bit slow at the moment, but we are working on making it faster.

Will I be spammed when I disable my Ad Blocker?
No, there is only one banner at the top of the site and that's it,
We think, that after 30 years of Internet, it is obvious to every child that
websites need to be financed somehow and if you don't want to pay,
you have to accept advertisement.

The search doesn't give back any result, what to do?
You can send us an email and let us know.